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The Annual Bernice Adams Memorial Awards


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To recognize individuals and groups in the community for their outstanding contributions to the artistic and cultural life of Cambridge, in the fields of:

I. Visual Arts
II. Performing Arts
III. Music
IV. Communications
V. Literary Arts

Deadline: February 28

The Cultural Awards Committee

Following the untimely death of former City Councillor Bernice Adams in 1980, the “Bernice Adams Memorial Fund” was initiated to recognize her contributions to the community.

The City of Cambridge City Council appoints nine citizens as Trustees of the Bernice Adams Memorial Fund. This volunteer Committee meets on a monthly basis administering the distribution of the funds through bursaries and scholarships. Funds disbursed are derived from the interest earned from the Memorial Trust Fund and from committee fundraising initiatives such as the silent auction and ticket sales at the Awards night, corporate sponsorships, and donations from the private sector.

The Committee administers the distribution of awards and expenses of the Memorial Fund to deserving, qualified persons to assist in furthering their development in the fields of arts and culture.

The committee is also responsible for the Bernice Adams Awards Night at which members of the community are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the artistic and cultural life of Cambridge.

Contributions to the Memorial Trust Fund or the Annual Awards Night are gratefully appreciated. If you are interested in supporting the development of Arts and Culture in the Cambridge community through this program, contact the Accounting Coordinator for the City of Cambridge at (519) 740-4685, ext. 4595.

The Bernice Adams Awards Nomination

Recognition is provided to individuals, groups or organizations who for a minimum of three (3) years prior to the recognition event, have either been a resident of the City of Cambridge, employed in Cambridge, or associated as a member with a relevant group or school in Cambridge.

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Awards Categories

Trustees include in their scope of consideration, activities from the fields of: Communications, Literary Arts, Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Outstanding youth, and Heart of the Arts (formally known as Special trustee).

The Committee reserves the right to move the nominee from one category to another.

CATEGORIES (choose one only)
Please check one ONLY if you are submitting a nomination for a Special Trustees OR Youth Award.

Nominators are encouraged to provide as much information as possible. Those nominated will be contacted to confirm their nomination and complete their profile. The selection committee does require a reference contact to verify information submitted.

Awards Eligibility

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Awards Criteria

The contribution may be recognized during the past year or over a number of years.

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Please provide a reference name and telephone number to verify the above information.

Finalists are selected based on the information provided by their nominators, therefore, it is important to provide as complete of a profile as possible.


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Heart of the Arts Award


This Award is presented to an individual or group who, in the estimation of the Trustees, is deserving of recognition in one or more of the awards categories.


The recipient(s) may:

  • Have been selected because their contribution is equally significant in two or more categories.

  • Have been selected because their contribution to the arts is heavily weighted in volunteer work, where many benefit.

  • Have been selected because they are no longer active participants in their category because of age or retirement but their influence is still felt in the community.

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Heart of the Arts Awards recipients are selected based on the information provided by their nominators, therefore, it is important to provide as complete of a profile as possible. Recipients of the Heart of the Arts Award will be notified before the end of April.

Thank you for your nomination! The committee looks forward to accepting nominations from the community.

Personal information in relation to this process is collected under the authority outlined in the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This information will be used only for the purpose for which it is intended. If you have any questions regarding this collection of personal information, you can contact the Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator, who can be reached through the Clerk’s Office at (519) 740-4680. Ext 4583.